As the year comes to a close, the RI Latino News (RILN) team is looking back at a year’s worth of producing content that provides greater visibility and voice to the Hispanic-Latino community.

In 2021, NHLN made its debut with the “3 Questions With…” (3QW) podcast. 3QW is a public affairs program tackling matters most important to Hispanics-Latinos by speaking with community and industry thought leaders on civic engagement, education, employment, health care, and many more topics.

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In October we spoke with Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, Founder, and CEO of BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting about her new book, Extraordinary Latinas: Powerful Voices of Resilience, Courage & Empowerment. Rojas Saldana said the book is intended to inspire and empower Latinas to stand up and realize they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

 “Most Latinas feel they’re not being listened to or supported because their values do not align to the corporate culture”, said Rojas Saldana in an interview with

61-percent of women said they were conflicted between meeting the demands of home and the demands of the family during the COVID-19 pandemic, reveals a study by SCIKEY Market Network.

In December, Marcela Betancur, Executive Director of the Latino Policy Institute at Roger Williams University was our guest.

“It’s a sore spot,” said Betancur of the lack of genuine engagement and thoughtfulness that some elected officials or people who are running for office pay to Hispanics-Latinos, and not just during election years. “Election officials are only pandering to the Latino community just because there’s such a large percentage (of voters).”

Betancur grew up in Colombia and immigrated to the U.S. at age 12. She said that her experience shaped her interest in advocacy work, like LPI that dives into policymaking to achieve more significant social, political, and economic equity. “The community that I grew up in had many hurdles, but also had a lot of strengths – especially within our immigrant community.”

“3 Questions With…” is produced by the Latino News Network, overseeing five independent local news and information websites with a statewide coverage, Hispanic-Latino editorial focus in New England and the Midwest.

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A Happy and Healthy 2022 to you all from all of us at RI Latino News!