Boosting Latino entrepreneurship in Rhode Island

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Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), and Entrepreneurs Forever (eforever), will be launching free small-business support programs focusing on people of color in Rhode Island in May.

The nonprofit organizations will work to provide Hispanic-Latinos and other under-represented groups with the training and support needed to start, grow and sustain their businesses. 

According to the Small Business Association, over half of the Ocean State’s private workforce is employed by small businesses, 10.5 percent of those are owned by Hispanics-Latinos. With a 40 percent increase in the Hispanic-Latino population in Rhode Island over the past decade, many of them Spanish language dominant, EforAll programming will also be available in Spanish through its EparaTodos offering.

“I am so excited to join this organization that already exists in over a dozen communities across the U.S.,” said Laura M. Guillén, Executive Director, EforAll. “There are many aspiring entrepreneurs in Rhode Island that just need the guidance and advice from mentors and experts, like the ones offered in our Business Accelerator program, to get their businesses off the ground and revitalize their communities. I look forward to contributing to their success.” Guillén oversees English and Spanish languages programs.

EforAll and its Spanish language program, EparaTodos, are one-year programs, which use a unique combination of practical business training, dedicated mentorship from local business and community leaders, and access to a large professional network. They will be available twice a year. 

Since January 2020, 38.1 percent of the state’s small businesses have closed. EforAll and eforever say they hope to help Rhode Island’s entrepreneurs in recovering from the impact of the pandemic, and getting small business owners back on their feet.

Founded in 2010, EforAll has dozens of accelerator programs across the country including Massachusetts.

To learn more about these organizations and their programs, or to donate to these initiatives, visit: and

Cover Photo: EforAll NWA Launches Inaugural Business Accelerator Program