RILN Opinion+: Bridget Kubis Prescott

Bryan Zapata


Welcome to another episode of Rhode Island Latino News Opinion+, where we talk about major issues the Latinx and underrepresented communities are facing in Rhode Island.

This week we spoke with Bridget Kubis Prescott, Director of Education for Save the Bay. The boats of the Narragansett Bay are floating classrooms and give students the opportunity to learn about the bay’s marine life. 

Through studying the biodiversity of the Narragansett Bay, Prescott challenges students on what is considered healthy water, should they care, and what can they do to help save the bay? “School programs are important because these students are the future,” states Prescott. The pandemic challenged the organization to provide high quality education in an alternative format. Digital content for students and teachers provided accessibility for those that could not attend in person classes. 

Most education is focused on protecting and restoring Narragansett Bay, water quality, and the impact of climate change. These issues impact animal habitats and the well beings of human society. “Helping students understand the impacts of climate change on salt marshes is really important because salt marshes are the nursery to all animals that live in the bay,” explains Prescott.

Save the Bay continues to gain support from the community through involvement and hopes to continue their mission protecting and restoring Narragansett Bay. 


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